How to fast on water


For 6 years I try to fast once a month. During this time, I lost 3 kilograms and almost do not get sick. Good habits and tricks have appeared that help to cope with hunger and survive these days. To make your first experience comfortable and without fainting, I will tell you about the rules and benefits that made fasting a part of my life. It is important to understand that water fasting is not a magic pill and that five days does not make up for all the days of unhealthy eating behavior and sedentary lifestyle. Let's dive into the topic on our site: to find out all the details and facts.

Why starve

Fasting on water heals and rejuvenates the body by cleansing and removing toxins and waste from cells and organs.

Fasting on water means that during the period of fasting you do not eat, but only drink water. It is important to drink high-quality, preferably warm water. In order for fasting not to harm and go relatively easily, consider a few rules:

Choose the right method of fasting, focusing on your health and condition.
Prepare the body for starvation, tune in to a day without food and not give up if you want to have a snack, even just a little bit. The feeling of hunger is in your head and can be controlled.
A day or two before fasting, add more vegetables, fruits to the diet, exclude fried heavy foods, fast food and alcohol.
Drink more water – every 1-1.5 glass of water.
Consult your doctor in advance if you have chronic diseases or doubts.
Watch your feelings, slight weakness and headache are taking place. But if you feel extremely bad, consult a doctor.
Getting out of fasting is also important, so do not neglect the day after and help the body smoothly return to its usual diet.
It is more comfortable to come out of fasting in the morning, without the risk of overeating in the evening and loading the digestive system.

Water fasting is divided into 2 types – preventive and therapeutic. Preventive can be practiced independently, for 1 – 5 days. Therapeutic lasts up to 3 weeks, but always under the supervision of doctors.

Benefits of fasting on water

The healing effect of 1-3 days of fasting on water has a cumulative effect. If you make it a habit to have a short fast on water 1-2 times a month, you will feel the difference and all the benefits of not eating.

strengthens the immune system;
cleanses and rejuvenates the body;
revitalizes the intestinal microflora;
the digestive system rests;
fresh look and healthy complexion;

Water fasting activates the immune system and detoxifies the body with the released energy normally used to digest food.


The first and most important thing is attitude. The goal of fasting is the conscious cleansing and healing of the body, the transition to a quality standard of living. After a day on the water, pride in one's own willpower appears. Fasting for the first time – start from one day.

In order not to suffer from headaches, a couple of days before fasting, exclude: alcohol, fatty, fast food and overeating at night. Choose a day without running around and solving important tasks. The weekend will come when you can take a nap during the day to conserve strength.

The day before fasting, I do a yogic cleansing with salt water. For me, it is preferable to laxatives and enemas. To each his own, but it is desirable to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract so that during fasting there is no intoxication from toxins and toxins.

A day without food

In fact, I was fasting from 6 pm Thursday, all Friday and until 9 am Saturday. It turned out 39 hours. The Thursday evening gap passed unnoticed, because even on ordinary days I don’t eat after 6.

The hardest thing was to give up your favorite and familiar breakfast in the morning. But I planned the day to be busy and think less about food.

Yoga and contrast showers to stay in shape. By lunchtime, the feeling of hunger was gone. By evening, there was a feeling of weakness, but there was still no desire to eat. It said that the day before the food was vegetable and light and there was no experience in starvation. I overcame weakness in a natural way – I went to bed by 11 pm.