The very best three video games on the PlayStation 2 console


At the start of the century, the PlayStation 2 console was the ultimate desire for many. It not only had no competitors, it actually killed other consoles (rest in peace, Dreamcast) and also remained to market well until 2012, when Sony quit production of the console. PS2 was wildly preferred due to its power and substantial listing of exceptional games.

There were posh exclusives, sporting activities simulators with amazing graphics as well as the founders of famous franchise business, which are not complete without any list of the most effective projects for PS2.

Shadow of the Colosus

In the beginning glance, Shadow of the Colossus shows up empty. Players are simply tossed into a big globe in which there is not a single human being. Discussion is almost non-existent right here, in addition to adversaries, with the exception of 16 titans that you have to ruin. Nevertheless, the job got a lot of various awards as well as is thought about one of the major work of arts ever launched on PS2.

The key of success lies in the depth of the game. The story right here is not offered via numerous cutscenes as well as discussions, however directly through the gameplay. Each of the colossi – it is a mystery that requires to be addressed, part of an awful story that requires to be composed right into the big picture on its own. Darkness of the Giant shows that games should not follow the laws of various other forms of media, as well as supplies an experience that makes certain to be special for each gamer.

Last Dream X

Last Fantasy X sticks out not only since it was the initial Last Dream on PS2 (and its graphics still look respectable), yet likewise as a result of the brand-new formula of the series, where standard elements were combined with advanced mechanics. The game had its downsides (for example, the characters Wakka as well as Tidus, in addition to Blitzball), but you could securely close your eyes to them, since the job took care of to preserve the magic of the collection.

The well-known combat system has undertaken minor adjustments, partly turning into a turn-based one. Hence, real-time battles have actually completely given way to calculated turn-based battle, which is in no way inferior in strength to its predecessors. As well as the extremely relocating romance of Tidus as well as Yuna, in addition to the shocking twist in the direction of completion, making FFX a worthwhile transition of the franchise business to a new generation of consoles. Times have changed but our fondness for old school pcsx2 roms games still remains strong, our site has all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts – This is a series that was bound to fail. Assume for yourself: this is a mixture of a theatrical globe in the spirit of Last Dream with Disney-style household humor. These points just don't meshed. But the result is among the most successful franchises of the PS2 period, and the activity RPG auto mechanics presented in Part 2 still look good to now.

In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora continued his search for his friends in the company of Disney stars like Donald and also Goofy. During her adventure, Sora takes care of to see several worlds, including the world of Steamboat Willy and the TRON world. And the combat system is much prettier thanks to brand-new sorts of weapons (dual swords, drive range and others) as well as reworked degrees on the Gummi Ship. Even in episodes where the script sagged a lot, the perky gameplay of KH2 kept the interest in the game and also encouraged to proceed.